Read the latest review of Flies in the Punch Bowl from Midwest Book Review

It’s satisfying to see a book subtitle that goes beyond defining the genre of a story to impart an exciting sense of its atmosphere. Flies in the Punch Bowl: Art Theft, Cocktails, and High Society sets the stage for a lively whodunit romp through the art world, attracting readers interested in a blend of social commentary and intrigue.

Take a rampage of thievery in Seattle’s art world, inject an amateur artist/sleuth recovering from the impact of forgery on her […]

July 10th, 2019|

Read the latest review of Flies in the Punch Bowl from InD’Tale Magazine

Flies in the Punch Bowl is a brisk, energetic mystery, which is reminiscent of a caper style adventure. Annabel and her cohorts are sharp-witted, utilizing their sly, occasionally droll banter to keep the reader entertained while the group brainstorms their next big move… The story flows smoothly, moving at a quick enough pace to keep readers engaged from beginning to end. Hopefully, these fun characters, all of whom have great potential, will return for more […]

July 10th, 2019|