Should self-published authors register with the Library of Congress? Absolutely. Here’s why:

Registering with the Library of Congress lends a major sense of professionalism to an author’s work. Traditional publishers always register their books, but it’s a step many self-published authors skip. By registering and placing the control number on their copyright page, authors signal to readers that they’ve taken the quality and production of their book seriously.

Registering with the Library of Congress also adds another layer of protection against copyright infringement. Since authors choosing to register must do so months before publication (to ensure sufficient time for the control number to be issued), an author’s work will be recorded and cataloged in their name before the Copyright is processed.

Finally, as an author, it just feels cool to know the Library of Congress has cataloged your work. We’re talking about the largest library in the world! (Kind of like how this butterfly is one of the largest in the world.)